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Richard Walter Hellerude

Richard Walter Hellerude, 79, died in his home on January 27, 2018 in Holmen, WI.

Richard was born on June 22, 1938 in La Crosse, WI to Joseph E. Hellerude and Katherine D. Hellerude (Phillips). He attended Logan High School and graduated in 1957.  He married Mary J. Owens in 1960.  The couple had four children.  Richard worked in fire protection services throughout his career.

Grump (Richard) is survived by his wife, Mary; their children, Joseph Hellerude, Susan Hellerude-Borchardt (Bruce), Lawrence Jalapeno Hellerude (Renae Hellerude (Devine), and Sara Motor Hellerude; Sister; Joan Schappert (Hellerude) (Bernie), and his grandchildren, Katelynn Hellerude, Brock, Brittany, Brookelyn, Bronson Borchardt, Samuel, Zeik, Isaac, Solomon (Stoeckley) Hellerude, Cole, Taylor, Hunter Peterson; Great-grandchildren, Apollo Donella, Treyvon Hutchins; Friends; Joe Kawatski and Jerry Reincke; Dog, Boomer.  He is preceded in death by his parents, Joseph and Katherine; and his granddaughter, Cassandra Hellerude.

Grump regularly attended church at St. Elizabeth in Holmen.  He was an avid athlete his entire life ranging from boxing to running and everything in-between.  In his adult life, he ran numerous marathons and a 70.3 triathlon.  Despite a chronic knee condition, he ran every day for five years and five days.  He was an avid outdoors man where he enjoyed hunting, fishing, the Holmen Rod and Gun Club, Brice Prairie Conservation Club, Police Science bloodhound cadaver training, Coulee Archers club, Cowboy Action shooting, and Boy Scouts.  Grump was a best friend to many and truly enjoyed his family, especially the countless hours he spent with his grandchildren.

Grump was born on the kitchen floor at 1816 Bainbridge St. on French Island where he was also raised.  He grew up in a time and place which was much different than today.  People had hard times and hard work.  He knew nothing but hard work. He told childhood stories of when his mother would send him out trick or treating with soap for soaping windows in the event that a family did not pass out candy and tipping over outhouses on New Year’s Eve.  In the winter, the neighborhood kid’s parents shoveled the ice around the island so that the kids could play hockey.  He raved about the pressure-cooked bluegills that his mother made with the fins, skins, and heads still on as well as her infamous turtle soup.  He grew up as a river rat set lining and ridding the island of jack rabbits.

With the upbringing Grump had, he continued his life with strong values and extreme integrity.  Friends and family were of the utmost importance along with hard work.  His greatest times in life were ones with those friends and family working hard.  He taught many life lessons to his children on the benefits of work ethic, citizenship, and quality relationships. When his grandchildren came of age, Grump’s greatest pleasures came from passing these same lessons to them.  He was a great teacher as every experience with him was a valuable learning lesson that will be carried on for generations to come.

A funeral is scheduled for 10:30 A.M. on Thursday, February 1, 2018 at St. Elizabeth Catholic Parish in Holmen, WI with visitation starting at 9:30 A.M. Father Parr will officiate the ceremony.  There will be a luncheon following the ceremony at the church. All are welcomed to celebrate Grump’s life. Flowers and condolences can be sent to the church at 515 North Main St. Holmen, WI 54636.

Grump was a devoted grandson, son, brother, husband, father, grandparent, and a friend to many.  His rare and remarkable legacy will live on in the lives he touched for generations to come.

“I will see you when the wind changes.” ~ Richard W. Hellerude

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